Sonia Chhinji of Woodlot

Photo: Alison Page

Photo: Alison Page

I can only imagine that Sonia Chhinji, who is is one half of Woodlot, a dream worthy line of home and beauty goods, has some rituals with knowing. I first met Sonia in 2014, shortly after she launched the Vancouver-based company with business (and life) partner Fouad Farraj, and it’s been amazing to watch their growth and success.

I recently visited her Mount Pleasant studio (which smells like a Palo Santo dream, by the way) to chat about her daily rituals, the balance of running a business and learning when to slow down.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

 “My alarm is set for 6 am, and I generally start the day with a few stretches and cuddles. I always start my morning with a shot of chlorophyll water, oatmeal and coffee. Growing up, my mum would give us a spoonful of homemade mint chutney, something to get the digestive system going, she said. I don't always have mint chutney on hand, so I have been committing to chlorophyll on the daily.”

What are some of your daily rituals you’ve started doing?

“I have found burning Palo Santo throughout the day when I feel overwhelmed helps to keep me feeling grounded and calm. I also started boxing four months ago, and I do it three days a week. I find it helps me clear my mind and challenges me physically and mentally.”

Do you consider yourself a morning or night person? Has running your own business, impacted this at all?

“I actually find myself to be an all day person. I have certain tasks that I complete better during the day and some that I complete better during the evening, but have always found myself to be someone that gets the job done, despite the time of day. I do find it challenging to divvy up personal time and work time, but I also am pretty quick to know if I'm feeling burnt out and need to shift my focus.”

Are there any habits that you’re trying to quit? Or changes you’re hoping to make in your day-to-day routine?

“I have the worst habit of picking my nails and am definitely on the verge of quitting this gross habit! I’ve started to grow them and nourish my cuticles. Because they’re started to look so nice, I've been motivated to keep them that way.”

What is your favourite candle scent and why?

“I love layering woodsy and herbaceous scents, and right now I love burning Cascadia and Recharge together.”

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Meagan Albrechtson