Vitruvi Co-Founder Sara Panton

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I launched the 'Rituals' series to learn about daily habits of successful entrepreneurs and creatives, hoping it might prompt me to develop a few of my own. So it was a no-brainer to reach out to Sara Panton of Vitruvi - since her company is so heavily based around rituals. Sara launched the Vancouver-based aromatherapy brand with her brother Sean in 2014, while studying medical school. After learning about the body's olfactory system, which connects to the brain's limbic system (science's reason for why we are so affected by scents and memories), she became inspired. She spent a year and a half developing scents and building the company before eventually leaving school to branch out on her own. I asked Sara about her own morning routines and favourite scents (although I imagine she has a few!).

What are some morning rituals that help you start your day?

"A couple big ones that are basically the staples of my morning: drinking a large glass of room temperature water as soon as I wake up. Everyone talks about it but it's really a game changer both mentally and physically. Wiping my face clean with a hot cloth and three drops of tea tree oil. The scent helps wake me up and the tea tree helps prep my face before putting make up on and also gets rid of any dirt or left over makeup form the night before."

Photo: Vitruvi (via Instagram)

Photo: Vitruvi (via Instagram)

How has the Vitruvi brand played a role in your rituals? 

"Absolutely, my life is the test kitchen for our products and our whole team experiments with essential oils all the time. Scent has always been a passion of mine, I love changing my state and getting a mid day refresher via scent. My life basically revolves around the company now, which I love. So I suppose the Vitruvi rituals have just become my own rituals in the process. A lot of what we experiment with, as well as my own personal rituals are shared on our online Journal, which is a great space to learn about living simply and naturally with essential oils."

Do you consider yourself a morning or night person? Has running your own business impacted this at all?

"I am absolutely a morning person - I always have been - and my most productive time is between 6am and 11am. This means I usually dive into work as soon as I wake up, which is something that people hazard against, but for me it's more about maximizing when I'm able to focus the best and also catching up on things while I'm alone. "

Photo: Vitruvi (via Instagram)

Photo: Vitruvi (via Instagram)

Are there any habits that you’re trying to quit? Or changes you’re hoping to make in your day-to-day routine?

"I'm working on bringing a lunch to the office everyday, I say I'm usually good at it. And also stopping coffee consumption after 12pm. I would normally drink coffee all day and again in the evening but I'm trying to switch to matcha for the second half of my day. My favorite matcha is from CAP beauty in NYC."

What is your favourite scent to wake up to and why?

"Eucalyptus for sure, I think it's a lot of people's favourite. Eucalyptus helps to open up the lungs and it makes my bathroom smell like a spa (which is always a good thing)!"

To learn more about Sara and her essential oil empire, 
visit the Vitruvi website or browse their dream-worthy Instagram feed. 

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