Journalist Nicolle Hodges

If you follow journalist Nicolle Hodges on social media, you get a sense that she likes to keep busy: between waking up at the crack of dawn to report the weather (among other stories) for CTV, freelance writing for multiple  publications and working part-time for a PR firm - her hustle is breathtaking, not to mention inspiring.  I sat down with Hodges over coffee to get a sense of how she tackles it all, and rituals that help her stay sane.

What is a ritual you’ve recently acquired that has helped you?

“I’ve started sleeping with my phone in a different room, and already it’s had a huge impact on my productivity in the morning. I used to wake up, roll over, get caught up in checking my email and social media, and before I know it an hour and a half has passed and I’m jumping out of bed, panicked. Now I wake up and just take a few moments to myself. I can take the time to, I don’t know, brush my teeth, make myself a coffee, get grounded and then sit down and then check my phone.”

Your ‘current office’ on your Instagram stories seems to be a constantly rotating coffee shop. Does changing things up help you stay inspired?

“If I’m at home, I feel too comfortable, and I love to nap. Leaving to go to a coffee shop is the divide in my day because once I leave the house, it feels like I’m starting work. When I leave to go home, it’s the only way I can mentally divide the end of my day as well. Another reason I like coffee shops because if I need a break, I can just stop and people watch and it’s instantaneous for coming up with ideas.”

Do you consider yourself a morning or night person?

“I don’t think I’m really either because I don’t get a choice. Right now my schedule is 7am to midnight so I’m up early and I’m up late. But if I did have a choice, I think I prefer the morning. I like being awake before most people. Remember when you were a kid and you were sick home from school? It just felt like everyone’s eyes weren’t on you, they were all busy with something and you had the whole world to yourself. That’s how I feel when I wake up early. Everyone’s still sleeping and I have just an hour where no one’s demanding anything of me, it’s just a little slice of time that’s all mine."

Obviously you have a healthy amount of work demands. Do you do anything that’s just for you? 

“I do a lot of reading obviously for Book Club and My Height in Books, so I always have a book in my bag no matter what. If I can throughout the day I will try to get a few minutes to read, I find it’s kind of a restart button for me. I also feel that as a creative person, if I’m not bringing in information I’m always just outputting, and I’ll run out of ideas.” 

Your life seems pretty jam-packed. What does your day look like today?

“This morning I worked at CTV, and after this I will be going and shooting a story for Novus. After that I’ll be working on articles and after that I’ll be working on the projects that Jelly Marketing has assigned me. I’ll try to get to bed reasonably early because I’m running a 13 kilometre trail race tomorrow. And then after that, once I ice my legs I’ll probably just be working whether it’s on my own website or a project I’m dabbling in. I try to have a little bit of everything in my day if possible, and at least a portion of my day has to be dedicated to something I’m really passionate about.”

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Meagan Albrechtson