A Nutritionist Goes Through Her Typical Morning


You could say that Jane Ready-Webster is a 'Jack of All Trades' when it comes to all things health and wellness related. She has yoga teacher training under her belt, recently became a certified nutritionist and spends her free time developing recipes and taking drool-worthy Instagram photos of smoothie bowls for her own company, Ready Wellness. As if that weren't enough on her plate, she also works part time in the restaurant industry, and because of this - she can tell us a thing or two about keeping it real. Jane's genuine approach to a healthy lifestyle is refreshing. Rather than the braggy, 'I cleaned out my fridge' meal posts and 15-ingredient bulletproof coffees that's expected from some health bloggers out there, her content is honest, witty and relatable. I spent a morning with Jane recently and she went over her morning rituals and her ongoing love/struggle with social media in the ever-growing wellness world.


Take me through a morning/evening ritual that’s helped you recently.

“My morning rituals tend to rotate between a few different variations throughout the week, depending on what I did or ate the night before. A few days a week, I try to practice intermittent fasting to give my digestive system a break. These are my ‘bulletproof mornings,’ and I start by making a French press coffee with Moja espresso beans. I blend it with Vital Proteins collagen, a teaspoon of St. Francis ghee and MCT oil. I sometimes add bit of almond butter, cinnamon, cacao or vanilla, which makes it extra dreamy. While I enjoy it, I try to spend minimal time on my phone or laptop and spend at least 15 minutes journaling, chatting or just being quiet with my morning coffee, but it’s all a work in progress!”

What’s your favourite thing about Instagram as a platform for your business?

“My relationship with social media has become more about posting when something relevant happens, rather than spending my life creating relevant moments to post. I realized that many of the nutritionists and yoga teachers I admire the most hardly have social media presences, and that it’s truly not a requirement for a successful practice.”

“I went through some big life changes this past year, and found myself more interested in what was going on in my real life and less attached to how many people liked my smoothie bowl, or how I was going to come up with 7 different recipes in order to post every single day – because I thought that was the only way I could build a successful platform for my future business.”

What about your least favourite aspect of it?

“Instagram can be an unhealthy place for a lot of people, as it once was for me and still can be. It is a platform that was built to be addictive, and many times the “healthiest” accounts and influencers are completely hooked on their phones and promoting unattainable, fabricated and privileged lifestyles.

There’s a lot of freaky stuff out there and a lot of content in the nutrition industry that can cause shame and guilt for followers. I try to share positive images and offer an authentic voice that can help make people feel comfortable and safe.
— Jane Webster

What’s an unhealthy habit you're trying to shake?

“Oh boy! I like to think of myself as a pretty ‘well-rounded’ practitioner in that I’m very familiar with unhealthy habits. As I have transitioned into a healthier lifestyle, there are some habits that have naturally fizzled away but there are also some that I might have complex relationships with for years to come.

“Smoking cigarettes is one of those habits. Despite all the work I do on a daily basis to live a happy and healthy life, I still find myself falling into phases of smoking from time to time. At this point, I try not to label it as bad. As I become more conscious and develop more love for myself, I realize that fear, worry and guilt are the real bad habits and addictions, and that these emotions make the effects of the occasional cigarette much more harmful and difficult to bounce back from."

I think the more we work through the underlying emotional reasons for whatever habits we wish to change, the more long term success we will have not only in smoking less, looking at our phones less or eating less sugar, but in feeling empowered, loving and knowing ourselves and living more authentic lives.
— Jane Webster

What’s your go-to cure for a remedy for a late night?

“After a super late night of work, my body either needs lots of yoga or lots of nothing. I don’t use too many holistic remedies for late party nights, mainly just sleep and healthy food the next day. I’ve gotten over the idea that greasy food is the cure to a hangover. Since alcohol is a diuretic, it depletes so many of our vitamins and minerals and I find myself craving gigantic smoothies and salads the next day (and the odd Caesar). A good tip to avoid a hangover is to pop a B-Complex before bed, as it gets a head start on restoring those depleted vitamins, and helps to metabolize alcohol.”

Tell me more about the services you offer through Ready Wellness and what's next for you.

“Currently I offer consultations in person and online. I have a package that includes an intake form, a one hour initial consultation; detailed and customized protocol with recipes, lifestyle, yoga and supplemental recommendations; and a 40 minute follow-up session. I also plan on offering these services at a retreat centre in the near future, along with healthy cooking and yoga classes. I love to help small businesses and health food companies with content creation and recipe development as well!”


To learn more about Jane and the services she offers through Ready Wellness, be sure to follow her Instagram or shoot her an email at readywellnesscanada@gmail.com.

Meagan Albrechtson