Beach Essentials with Woodlot

Few things give me greater joy than the fleeting moments of summer: the nostalgic scent of Coppertone sunscreen; that feeling of putting my swimsuit on the moment I wake up; and catching up on all the books I've put off until now (preferably while laying next to a body of water). The only thing better than these little joys is having the perfectly-packed bag with everything I need for a lazy day of basking in the sun. My friend Chelsea from Woodlot knows the struggle all too well, and shared her favourite products to make the most of this much-adored but short lived season. See her picks below:


1. Beach bag
Charlie and Lee always has a great selection of woven bags. This year, I’ve landed on their Moroccan Natural Wing Shopper. I love that it’s lightweight but still has structure to keep things organized. It’s also great for transitioning from a day at the beach to dinner out with friends. It’s functional but still beautiful.

2. Face oil
I am pretty diligent about my skincare and a day at the beach is no exception. I try to avoid peak hours in the sun, but when I am out, I like to have Woodlot’s Nourishing Face Oil on hand. I love it because it’s super hydrating, has a lovely scent of lavender and chamomile and gives my skin a nice glow, without ever feeling greasy. It’s made with Rosehip Oil which is packed with vitamin A, along with Shea Butter, Apricot Oil, Argan Oil, and Olive Oil, which is a natural source of healing squalene.

3. Lips and Cheeks
I love any product that is multi-purpose. Tata Harper’s Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint adds a natural rouge to cheeks and lips and is made strictly of natural ingredients.

4. Body lotion
This is one thing I will never leave without; it’s essential for keeping my skin feeling soft and smooth all day, especially post-salty swim in the ocean. I love the natural scent of Woodlot’s Flora Body Lotion. It’s made with Sunflower Oil, Shea and Cocoa Butter and smells of refreshing bergamot, lavender, and citrus.

5. Sunnies
In the past few years, I’ve decided to actually invest in good sunglasses and something remarkable has happened as a result: I still have every pair intact! I find that when you invest in something, you tend to value it more. Raen is a company out of California that does beautiful, well-made sunglasses that have 100 % UVA/UVB protection. 

6. Facial Mist
Packing a botanical mist to help stay cool is truly a blissful ritual to adopt for long hot days in the sun. I’m particularly crazy about Woodlot’s Sweetgrass Mist. The scent is super refreshing and energizing, plus it’s loaded with ingredients that are good for your skin, like witch hazel, sweetgrass hydrosol, along with lavender, juniper and cedarwood essential oils.

7. Beach towel
I am huge fan of linen anything. It’s one of those natural fabrics that just gets better and better with every wash and wear. Linen towels are great because they dry quickly and are light and easy to pack. My new favourite is by Le Fil Rouge. The company is based out of North Vancouver and they focus on ethically sourced, sustainable materials.

All products listed above (with the exception of the Tata Harper's lip and cheek tint), are available at Charlie and Lee and all Woodlot products are also available on their website


Meagan Albrechtson