Kinfolkin' at Le Marché St. George

A common joke in my life, whether its among friends or my boyfriend, who has absolutely no ties to social media whatsoever, is that I am a hipster, or make my life look like 'Kinfolk.' You know, curated just-so, with the faded Instagram filter and the perfect arrangement of my cup of coffee in bed. So it's no surprise that when I bought tickets to Vancouver's latest Kinfolk event, people would tease me and I might even tease it myself. 

All expectations aside, when I walked into the beautiful room above Le Marche St. George at 11am on a Sunday (which is actually early for me), my judgements began to dissolve and within moments I was handed a mimosa. As the afternoon carried on I met a handful of genuinely sweet people, not to mention the representative of an Okanagan winery who provided a healthy amount of wine to everyone. The 'Kinfolk' aesthetic is all about the idea of a fun gathering of food that feels like community. And while my brunches will never look anything like that, I did leave with a surprisingly good feeling about the city I lived in. But not before taking a few cherry blossom portraits with my hipster Indiana Jones hat, of course.

Big thanks to my girl Sarita Mann for being my gorgeous date, my amazing collab partner Alison Page, who photographed the event and gave me a reason to go,  and Victory Gardens and Here There for organizing the whole afternoon.