A Weekend Crash Course in Photoshop with Digital Darlings Creative

Prior to this summer, the only skills I had with Photoshop (or lack thereof) was what I briefly learned in journalism school, and let's just say the time that has passed since then has not done wonders on my memory. So I was  thrilled when I heard that a weekend 'boot camp,', put on by Digital Darlings Creative was being held in my co-working office. I immediately signed up. 

The course takes place over two full days. Everyone is given a booklet as a guide of each lesson we'll be going through, along with handy keyboard shortcuts. Bria Lear, our instructor and founder of the course, was friendly, approachable and made everything we learnt actually fun and far from intimidating, which was a refreshing contrast from my less-enthralling photojournalism teacher in college. 

Bria launched Digital Darlings in July 2014, and in addition to putting on the #PSBootcamps, she also consults with entrepreneurs on their social media marketing strategies and blogging, and does design branding and websites for a variety of clients as the creative director of Goatsocial. I chatted with her to learn her goals behind her company and why she loves sharing her valuable wisdom.

M: What do you find most fulfilling out of teaching the course?

B: "I absolutely love teaching! The most fulfilling aspect is definitely witnessing those ‘aha’ moments that all compound to an overall increase in confidence, inspiration, and excitement in my students. It’s the greatest feeling to watch these transformations happen, and to know that I’ve helped women get closer to their dream jobs, add more ease into their businesses, and find more freedom of creativity."

M: What sets PsBootcamp apart from other Photoshop courses?

B: "PsBootcamp is different than other Photoshop courses because it’s relevant and purposeful. The lessons taught are essential for those needing to market themselves online - which, at this time, is pretty much everyone. But what really sets PsBootcamp apart is at the end of the day, it isn’t [just] about learning Photoshop. PSBootcamp  instills confidence to go after what you want, and provides the tools to go bigger with your business and stand out in the job market."

M: You gave a lesson on Instagram which I found extremely insightful. Why is Instagram so important to brand your company?

B: "Instagram has been an integral tool for me to express the Digital Darlings brand. It shares my point of view, which is especially important for potential graphic design clients to see. I also believe that in a world where everything is about technology, we crave connection with people, not companies. To succeed as a company, a brand needs to have human qualities. Instagram allows me to share bits of my life and my business all rolled into one.  It’s the special combination of my aesthetic, personality, skills, and offerings that create a stand out brand and appeal to my clients and students."

Below: a few things I learned to do during the course: a mood board and a text/graphic image, which look really basic but got me excited at the potential what I could do for the blog!

For those seeking to up their photoshop game or beginners who want to get schooled on the basics - Bria is offering ANOTHER Photoshop Bootcamp NEXT MONTH on November 14 and 15! To find all the details on how to register, visit her website. I would highly recommend this one, guys! 

All photos (except the two above) by Bria Lear

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