Lolita is an online-magazine aimed as an outlet to share and inspire.

As a freelance journalist for the last 5 years I've mostly been able to write about the things that matter to me. But there's only so much you can truly say and only so much editors will pay you, so I decided to take it into my own hands, and that's how this website started. 

Ever since I was an awkward teenager, I knew I wanted to be a writer. From the time I got my first issue of Seventeen magazine I was hooked: the embarrassing stories, D.I.Y. fashion ideas, and essays from girls going through the same things I was. I later moved on to Vogue, if only for the high-fashion photo spreads. 

I soon started making my own magazines, spending lunch hours in the library perfecting the cut-and-paste creations. Not exactly New Yorker-worthy but an attempt nonetheless. 

Fast forward to several years later, and Lolita is created: a publication entirely run by me, a place where I write about the important and pleasing things I'd want to read myself, talk to inspiring people  rad things, and share the adventures I've been lucky enough to have. I'm always looking for feedback, suggestions and story ideas so please feel free to send me an email!

- Meagan Albrechtson