Ever since I was an awkward teenager, I knew I wanted to write. From the time I bought my first issue of Seventeen magazine I was hooked. I loved reading the embarrassing stories, the D.I.Y. fashion ideas, and essays from girls going through the same things I was.

I soon discovered Vogue, but only looked at the high-fashion photo spreads. I started making my own magazines, spending lunch hours in the library and after-school on my bed, perfecting the cut-and-paste creations.

Then I found Nylon. Geared toward my age group but 'edgier,' with stories on up-and-coming Indie bands and travel essays on obscure destinations. 

I tried Vanity Fair (too much American politics), Cosmopolitan (too men-desperate), and a slew of other fashion magazines but nothing ever satisfied me. I was either being told how to perfect the smoky-eye or how to please my man.

Lolita is an online magazine aimed as an outlet for like-minded women to share, vent, learn, and be entertained.

- Meagan Albrechtson